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The health of your heart is vital to your overall well being. However, an unhealthy heart can cause a multitude of maladies most people would not ever think about, such as hearing loss. Usually hearing declines so gradually that the individual with the impairment doesn’t realize there is a problem. Most of the others associated with the person with declining hearing acuity are aware of the impairment before the individual with the problem does. Early warning signs such as: turning up the volume on the T.V., asking directions, questions, or statements to be repeated, missing the “clicking” sounds of a turn signal while driving, or possibly having difficulty carrying on a normal conversation on the telephone.

If the heart does not function at full capacity, the nerves of the inner ear are “starved” due to lack of proper blood supply; and the brain also loses function due to lack of circulation and adequate supply of oxygen.

Recent studies from John’s Hopkins University School of Medicine and The National Institute on Aging confirmed that untreated hearing loss is directly correlated to dementia and Alzheimer’s Diseases. The study found that those with even mild hearing loss (untreated) were twice as likely to suffer from the aforementioned affliction. Those with severe hearing impairment were five times as likely to suffer from dementia and Alzheimers Disease.

Another study by researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania determined that untreated hearing loss may accelerate gray matter atrophy in the auditory portions of the brain and increase the listening effort necessary to successfully comprehend speech.

Studies found that people with untreated hearing loss showed less brain activity on functional MRI scans when trying to interpret complex sentences. Those with poor hearing also had less gray matter in the auditory cortex, suggesting areas of the brain related to auditory processing may show accelerated atrophy when an individuals hearing declines. “Your hearing ability directly affects how the brain processes sounds, including speech”, says Dr. Peelle of the Perelman School of Medicine. “Preserving your hearing doesn’t only protect your ears; it also helps your brain.” Early intervention could help your brain from losing critical word understanding. We hear with our brain, not our ears!

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