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Today manufacturers of hearing aids advertise technical advancements in blocking out background noises in their products and I wonder why.  When I hear the jingle of metal tags on my little dog’s collar, I know she’s around; when I hear the whistle of my tea kettle, I know I’m not going to forget to turn my stove off; when I hear the turn signals in my automobile, I know my car is functioning; when I’m outdoors and hear the birds, I know I’m alive.  There’s excitement in reading and hearing the crackle of a newspaper and excitement in learning sounds that have been lost and forgotten and identifying them again – why would anyone want to take background noises away?  I want to hear kids laugh and play, hear my neighbor’s lawn mower and cars passing by – I don’t want to live in a vacuum or a void.  To those of us who are hearing impaired and wear a hearing aids, it is easy to understand how frustrating noise can be in a crowded area like restaurants and public places when conversation is difficult to follow or understand.  However, we lose sight of the fact that people with “normal hearing” have this same difficulty but mentally push those noises in the background and adjust – they don’t hear all the conversation either – just ask them.

As for myself, I’ve worn a hearing aid for nearly sixty years – and the advancements in technology over the years have been incredible.  To all my colleagues who have “new ears” – be patient, listen, identify and learn.  To learn is to be alive!!!

Josie Conrad
Lake Fairways

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